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The cost of a Vehicle Partners licence is £4,995 + VAT

The licence includes the following:

  • Credibility and use of the Vehicle Partners brand and proven business formula
  • High Income Potential
  • Full training given in all aspects of the business
  • Two Quotation Systems + Training
  • Customer Database Management Software + Training
  • Complete start up package including training, sales and marketing deliverables and a central website
  • No on going royalties or fixes fees
  • Assistance with raising finance

We opened our original franchise in 2004, and whilst there have been many changes since that time testimony to their help support and loyalty is the fact that we still have a great working relationship all these years later. I have an excellent relationship with the support team and they are constantly working with me, offering a solutions led approach helping me to close deals. This business is not easy but it is rewarding if you are prepared to work at it. What has particularly helped me is that VC have made great strides in securing additional support terms. This in turn has led my business to have fleet customers as our core, which means more continuous business throughout the year.

Richard Light - Sunrise Leasing