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The potential earning figures for a Vehicle Partners licensee can be seen here.

Commissions and Expenses

The average commission per car leased is £800 less your usual business expenses.


Existing clients will begin to renew from year two and the number of renewals will then increase each year.

NB. These figures are potential earning figures and potential numbers of cars to be leased. No guarantee of actual earnings can be given.

* These figures are potential earning figures. No guarantee of actual earnings can be given.

We’ve been working with Simeon for 12 years now and the support and help we have received has been fantastic. We constantly work on joint initiative and Vehicle Consulting are only too willing to help.

We enjoy the partnership approach that has led to a real strong relationship and trust over all this time. We would not hesitate to recommend Vehicle Consulting as abusiness partner and look forward to more joint successes in the future.

Jonathan Travis - Leama Specialist Cars Ltd

Vehicle Partners Figures
Number of Cars Leased p.a. Average Commission Less Admin Fees *Gross Profit Expenses *Net Profit
30 £800 £24,000 £2,880 £21,120
45 £800 £36,000 £4,320 £31,680
60 £800 £48,000 £5,760 £42,240
75 £800 £60,000 £7,200 £52,800
90 £800 £72,000 £8,640 £63,360
105 £800 £84,000 £10,080 £73,920
120 £800 £96,000 £11,520 £84,480
135 £800 £108,000 £12,960 £95,040