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There has never been a better time to offer Vehicle Leasing Solutions to your client base. There are over 25m registered vehicles on the road and this figure is continuing to rise.

The demand for Vehicle Leasing has never been higher both for business users and individuals. There are three key reasons for this:

  • Owning a car is seen as a poor investment due to high purchase costs and depreciation.
  • The leasing products available are very competitively priced and more easily understood now that they have been around a while.
  • Businesses are continually looking at the best ways to fund their vehicles .

Business Targets

There are four main types of business that we target:

(1) Fleet Business

It is Contract Hire where maximum commissions and repeat business will be achieved. The vehicle fleet market is made up as follows:

Company Fleet Size
Number of Fleets Total
Number of Cars

Over 90% of companies in the UK operate between 1 and 20 vehicles. This is the market place that most licensees will operate within.

You would also be able to offer a unique on-line fleet management system enabling the monitoring of mileage, service requirements and user details 24 hours a day. This appeals to any business that is running a fleet of vehicles.

(2) Executive Business

Executive sales – very much a personal service offering the ‘executive buyer’ the level of service they demand. We make the process of acquiring the right package at the right time as hassle free as possible. We can also source vehicles that are ‘difficult’ to find.

(3) Commercial Business

In addition to our comprehensive car packages we are also able to offer an extensive range of commercial vehicles.

(4) Personal Users

We do not limit ourselves to only business users. We offer a range of different packages to personal customers – through contract hire or personal leasing for example. Many individuals that have opted out of company schemes are attracted to this service. In many cases they can benefit from receiving ‘fleet’ prices rather than the retail price. We also have a facility to take existing vehicles as a part exchange for new vehicles.