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Vehicle Partners has spent several months developing their franchisee training programme and Operations Manual. It has been designed to give a licensee the required skills and knowledge to operate their own Vehicle Partners licence.

Initial Training

The initial training takes place over two days. Your training includes:

  • Vehicle Partners overview and the market place
  • Setting up and running your own Vehicle Partners business
  • Technical training to confidently run your own Vehicle Partners business
  • Sales and marketing training to maximise your earning potential
  • Administration and reporting

This training gives you sufficient knowledge to confidently begin trading as a Vehicle Partners within your exclusive territory.

On Going Bespoke Training and Support

Once you have had your initial training from Vehicle Partners it doesn’t stop there. On-going bespoke training is available to you if you want more advanced training or just some refresher training to go over anything again.

Two full time employees of Vehicle Partners are in place to support your business on a day to day basis as well as a full admin team to process deals.

Vehicle Partners keep you updated on a daily basis of any special deals that are made available to them from their extensive network of contacts, funders and manufacturers.

We feel that our training, support and backup are key features of our licence offering.

Vehicle Partners also provides comprehensive telephone and e-mail support. This ensures you are never left on your own and support is available whenever you need it.